Auto Glass Repair, Replacement,
and Recalibration

Rogue AutoGlass & Recalibration Provides Mobile Service To Central Florida Areas, With Unparalleled Quality And Customer Service.

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About Us

Best locally-owned Auto glass repair company in Central Florida

Whether it’s your personal vehicle or the company car, we aim to efficiently care for your automobile, while allowing for only the highest quality workmanship.

consistent quality

Hassle-free process


nearly no rescheduling

Insurance Claim Assistance for Auto Glass Services

We are Preffered Parters With All Big Auto Insurers. Let Us Handle Your Insurance Claim


We provide top-quality factory-like work, and an amazing customer experience.

tired of getting rescheduled?

The competition can’t seem to make it happen in just one appointment.  Why is that?  Our part accuracy rate is over 99%, forget hearing from some shabby technician that you’ll have to reschedule because they’ve arrived with the wrong glass.  Rogue AutoGlass respects your time, and makes it happen right the first time!

What Rogue AutoGlass & Recalibration offers over the competition is consistent quality, customer service, professionalism, respect, and no unnecessary rescheduling.

What we do

Repair and Replacement Services

Our services are Auto Glass, plain and simple.  Any piece of glass on a vehicle, be it a car, truck, SUV, race car, semi truck, we can replace! 

How does it work? After your initial call, expect our technicians to arrive ASAP, often next day!
auto glass repair rogue autoglass & recalibration

Does your car have broken, cracked, or chipped side or rear windows? Rogue AutoGlass will have your car back to tip-top shape in no time! And when appropriate we will recommend to repair rather than replace.

auto glass replacement and repair rogue autoglass & recalibration

Do you have a cracked or chipped windshield? Or maybe you are in need of a replacement? Rogue AutoGlass & Recalibration will fix your problems in no time at all.

power window auto glass repair and replacement rogue autoglass & recalibration

That faulty door glass is really old news, our power window repair specialists will have your system functioning like new! Often times at a better price than you’d expect.

We manage your auto glass insurance claims efficiently. As Preferred Partners with leading insurers, we ensure a seamless process, advocating for you every step of the way.

rear window auto glass repair & replacement rogue autoglass & recalibration

Most of the time, windshields are the culprits in need of repairs but rear windows do suffer from damage too. Contact us to get you back on the road.

lane departure

Today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems often feature cameras mounted to your windshield, our recalibration services ensure your safety.

Rogue AutoGlass & Recalibration

When It Comes To Auto Glass Repair and Replacement In Orlando, We Make Customer Experience Top Priority

Client Testimonials

Our Achievments

The overall experience was phenomenal! I have never been treated with such respect. My technician Robert had a wealth of knowledge and was able to explain it to me as if I was in the business as long as he was. His attention to detail is far superior to these other big name shops out here. The pricing is affordable and categorized for easy viewing. All and all I’m glad I went rogue.

Samuel Acevedo

On time, professional, and courteous. Robert was able to replace my windshield in my 09 chevy silverado in a timely manner and managed to beat the rain! highly recomemded! Thanks again!

Andrew Chapman

So quick and efficient! Robert was amazing and walked me through the entire process, will definitely be using rogue autoglass for all my future glass needs.

Alex Babcock

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